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Digital Designs RL815D-D2

€ 899,00 € 799,00 (inclusief btw)

Digital Designs RL815D-D2
MAX Vermogen: 6000W
RMS Vermogen: 3000W
Impedantie: 2x 2Ohm 
Formaat: 15 Inch


1-Ohm parallel
4-Ohm in serie


DD Power Tuned subwoofers are phenomenal sounding drivers that are built to push performance limits to the next level. They feature additional mechanical and electrical damping to handle the rigors of crazy lows in high power, high output applications. This collection of subwoofers has been optimized for vented and multi-order enclosures. The Redline 800 Series is a brutal rugged subwoofer collection. The elements include 4″ black Made In USA voice coils.

Completely redesigned, the Redline 800 Series subwoofers have many things that make them better than their predecessors. Redesigned casting frames and suspension geometry allow for lower Fs and greater range of motion. These two things give you MORE LOW BASS.

The upgraded voice coils feature higher heat resistance, reduced inductance and improved efficiency. These things will give you a more balanced playback, more sound with the same amplifier and increased power efficiency.

Previously, DD Redline is no longer characterized by a red double ladder, replaced by a red stripe at the junction of a cone and a heat-cast multilayer upper hanger. The dust cap logo is made of a reflective metal film. All cones and dust caps have a matte black finish. Cast frames have DD logos molded.

Triple voice coil ventilation, triple-braided wires, laminated multiple backs, and elongated pole pieces that have always made DD subwoofers so complete, are still available in new models.

Extended Pole Piece with Aluminum Shorting Ring
Hi-Roll Foam EROM Surround
Kevlar Reinforced Nonpress Pulp Cone
4.0″ BASV 4-Layer Flat Aluminium Voice Coil
Quad Layer Deep Bass, High Excursion Spider System
Triple Stack High-Grade Ferrite Magnets, 381oz
Back Plate Voice Coil Gap Venting

Aanbevolten liters:
85-141L (Netto) Gepoort
Gesloten kist = N/A !

Vas: 63.1
Fs-Hz: 31
Qms: 4.723
​Qes: 0.561
Qts: 0.501
VCD (in): 4
X-max (mm): 25
Frame OD/w Gasket (in): 15 35/64

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